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A conservative call centre based on IPLC involves high investment and is difficult to manage. In this system the efforts are diverted from your core business to non-core activities, like focussing your efforts on telecommunications. Thus, we offer a usage based Variable Charge IPLC where you do not create a Dedicated International TDM Voice network, the customer call traffic rides over the VSNL’s TDM backbone, which has high capacity and is diverse. This eliminates the cost of maintaining equipments, routers and modems.

The details of requirement analysis and solution proposal

IPLCC-CC is a pay per minute solutions and an end-to-end uncompressed model which provides:

  • Local loop at Pune (India), National leg, international leg, switching and multiplexing, and PSTN
  • termination and aggregation services
  • It is a cost efficient option for new clients, start-up or any company which is looking out for expansion
  • There is no fixed cost of IPLC
  • The solution is hosted at our centre thus, there is no equipment, routers, cable modems, manpower or annual maintenance costs involved.
  • You don't need to incur the cost of collocation at your India and USA premise
  • There are no hassles regarding IPLC network utilisation level or any other operating cost
  • You don't require a separate IPLC for different clients.
  • No separate IPLC required for different client or redundancy which reduces the efficiency.
  • It runs on a system of Pay-per-use with full scalability
  • The cost of network deployment and integration is saved.
  • There are no worries associated with bandwidth optimisation when you want the dialer hosted in India.
  • The project becomes quickly viable since the model is Opex oriented than Capex oriented.
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