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Irrespective of the scale of business, our wide range of VoIP solutions allow you to unravel the power of Internet to communicate better. Our solutions transform the way you communicate and offers you a range of products that are not only cost efficient but also fulfill your business requirements. We bring to you the latest technology with high quality voice communication for all business sectors.

You can save upto 80% of your call costs through our VoIP solutions. Now you can experience hassle free communication with your customers, business partners, employees, across the world at a reduced cost.

Prepaid VoIP

This solution makes it easy for you to create a VoIP account with us and then you can recharge the desired value. We cover maximum destinations across the globe and this is a cost effective solution for international calls.

Postpaid VoIP

If your business involves making many international calls and communication across the globe is vital for your business, postpaid VoIP is the best solution for you. It facilitates your business by providing you uninterrupted communication access around the globe.

Managed VoIP

Managed VoIP solution is specially designed for call centre needs. It is a network-based IP communication service. It saves your resources, like time and money considerably as it converges, the voice traffic on to the data network. Managing your network becomes easy with this solution. It is an all-comprehensive solution for long distance calls, data and other network services, which are made possible through a single service. It incorporates the use of quality of service (QoS) device, which reserves bandwidth for voice calls to ensure superior voice quality. This device provides the ability to monitor and control both voice and data traffic.

We have designed a Managed VoIP solution for Corporate and Call centres. It is an apt solution for businesses that make substantial outbound International telephone calls for destinations like Asia Pacific, US, Europe, etc. Our solutions don't compromise on Quality of Voice Calls.

Our Managed VoIP solution is a result of a detailed study and consideration of all parameters like more call success rate, more availability, redundancy, etc. It is a cost efficient and voice minutes solution. This service has an advantage, since it takes care of outbound termination and inbound provisioning at distant ends. It thus, is a complete solution rather than addressing individual blocks. This is an advantage that you do not get in a traditional solution.
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