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We provide end-to-end networking solutions required for seamless and smooth communication. The services we provide are as follows:

Networking Audit:

Cyber attacks can hamper your IT facilities. They are a major security threat for your IT setup and the information it generates. You need to defend your IT infrastructure from these juggernauts. You have to stop the misuse of data that is unique to your enterprise, since your business growth thrives on it. Our networking audit service brings you proactive and reactive security solutions that range from a desktop to LAN/WAN to Internet.

We have a unique combination of innovative methods for securing your entire IT infrastructure and they are:

  • Intrusion detection and prevention:
    We have a mission to protect your IT infrastructure against the very dangerous external and internal threats. This mission is delivered through correlation and analysis to remove false positives. It also warns you pro actively of any threat condition.

  • Perimeter security management:
    We realise that securing your systems is vital. Perimeter security management system integrates and manages numerous perimeter security devices, across single or multiple locations. This security management system creates a fault identification and resolution, all done pro actively. It also includes configuration, remote installation and management of perimeter security infrastructure, 24x7.

  • Vulnerability management:
    We take up real time and periodic scanning for any vulnerability in the data and information infrastructure. We identify these vulnerable security conditions and resolve them.

  • Compliance monitoring & reporting:
    We track, monitor, report all access to corporate information, as per standard compliance rules and regulations like PCI, SOX, etc. We also generate reports that provide as guidelines for standard compliance for auditors.

  • Web security management:
    Your business is exposed to the threat of offensive content through the web. Managing these threats becomes vital for the security of our IT devices and system. We scan, detect vulnerable and offensive content on web applications that have a customer interface.
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