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Data Loss Protection (DLP) Solutions
Data generated from business is unique to each company. The data is vital since it has the potential to be transformed to information, which can be leveraged to achieve your business growth and goals. There is none the less, a potential threat of this data getting leaked. You need a system to detect the breach of this data in time. You have to monitor the data while in-use (endpoint actions), in-motion (network traffic), and at-rest (data storage). Avoiding data being exposed to unwanted sources becomes important for the security of your system. Sensitive data can come in various forms, they can be credit-card data, financial information, intellectual property or any company information. You entrust us with this job, and be rest assured that your valuable data remains within your company.

Our Data Loss Protection solution controls your system from the risk of data leakage. Your system is exposed largely to this risk due to segments of corporate data residing on endpoints, usage endpoints outside your network, unmonitored usage of removable storage devices, network sharing, printing and applications. It prevents data leakage, and guarantees that your organization meets all the requirements of regulatory compliance like GLBA, CIPA and HIPAA. It prevents malware entry which in turn increases the efficiency of IT resources and employee productivity.

Along with preventing leakage of data our DLP system specialists in protecting your system in various ways.

Data Protection:

Document Control:

DLP system of IKS controls the modification, creation, copy and deletion of documents. Copies can be created during these activities, which prevents data loss.

Removable Device Controls:

Controlling Removable Devices: Preventing data loss is possible only when various devices are controlled and monitored. DLP solutions of IKS support the creation of black list and white list of USB based devices. This is done through Layer 8 policies.


IKS ensures that all the files are encrypted and decrypted. It prevents data leakage in case of the loss of USB device.

File Transfer Controls:

Our DLP solution controls file transfer over fixed and removable devices. This control is based on the role of the user, file name and their extensions.

The threat of data loss is eliminated as shadow copies of files are stored over removable media during the process of file transfer.

Email Controls:

Our system allows transfer of files, over email based on the sender or recipient's identity or the attachment name, extension and size.

Shadow copies of the files can be created on the basis of the recipients, sender name and the attachment size.

Instant Messenger Controls:

Our system ensures the control of file transfer through MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, Skype and other popular instant messengers based on the file extension, name and size.

Shadow copies are created of the files uploaded and downloaded over the Instant Messenger.

Reporting Alerts:

Our DLP system creates logs and reports that are related to usage, access, modifications, transfer and deletion of files.

It sends customizable alerts to system administrators. This allows them to take prompt action and send a message to the end users, ensuring educating the user regarding best practices.

Device Management:

The Device Management controls the use of removable media like USB devices, communication devices like Blue Tooth, storage devices like CDs/ DVDs, and network devices.

It allows or blocks the access to the removable devices like USB and other storage devices. Communication devices like Blue tooth adapters, WiFi, etc. Network devices like the Wireless or Virtual LAN adapters.

Our endpoint Device Management system supports immediate action and policy updation. It offers complete audit reports, through comprehensive logs regarding access to removable media inside and outside the network. It provides administrator alerts and warning messages to users.

Asset Management:

The system streamlines your IT infrastructure management, prevents the access to unauthorized and illegal users.

Type of Assets:

The system provides an inventory tracking of the software and hardware assets. It gives access to information regarding license renewal dates, configuration version tracking and historical information. It protects the following assets:
  • Hardware assets- CPU, motherboard, disks, keyboard, modem, etc.
  • Software assets- Operating system, applications, anti-virus
  • Custom Assets- Printers, routers, switches.
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