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IKS introduces and advances you to the world of connectivity through borderless network solutions. Your business generates a reservoir of information, which you use to envision your future business. We transform and shape your network to propel your business.

While designing the network, the team develops a detailed plan, which chalks out the timeline with implementation schedule, success measures, and operational protocol.

The design phase incorporates the following decisions:

  • Accessing business applications:
    You need a proper access to business applications. In this process we take decisions regarding your business application access requirements.

  • IT assessment:
    Your business requirements are unique and so is the IT connectivity network required for its smooth functioning. When we assess your IT requirements, we consider what is best for your business. Our IT assessment decisions pertain understanding your IT needs and devising a system that allows you to maximise your IT resources.

  • Product configuration:
    Each IT set-up needs different kind of devices, with unique configurations that fit well into your special requirements. Once we assess your IT requirements then these various devices need to be put in place. We determine the appropriate devices to be used, their configurations, the features to turn on and off and choice of protocol.

  • Migration, testing and training method:
    Your organisation presently runs on a system, that needs to be upgraded. But, the transition is surely not going to be simple. Each change involves a transition phase. Migration from the old system to the new, is accompanied with testing the system and training the team. We take all decisions to ensure that this migration is smooth. We train your team to better understand the system. We test and monitor the functioning of the system to ensure a fully functional system.

  • Final design review:
    The project manager and design lead review the progress of the project. Our client becomes a part of this team. The view of the client is the most important for us, for the success of the project. This entire team guarantees that all the parties work in tandem.

  • Collaborative and highly intuitive design process:
    At IKS, our focus has always been establishing collaborative, simple and intuitive design process. We work towards devising IT solutions that maximise your business potential today, and in future.

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