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Thin Clients/N-Computing
Desktop management is a challenge, as it can be time consuming and a costly affair. NComputing is here to take care of all your desktop management needs in a cost efficient and simple manner.

A disk less computer, Thin client depends heavily on the server, which takes care of the traditional computational roles.

NComputing solutions provides the right solution for your needs quickly, within the budget, with your green computing desires in mind. It is a system that caters to all sectors and industries from education to enterprise and has proven to be the most reliable and robust solution for organizations worldwide.

NComputing provides:


    N Computing allows users to access their work using different PCs and over WiFi connections from remote locations.

    Managing Desktop and Applications

    Managing your desktops has never been so simple. With NComputing you get rid of a complex and time consuming traditional system.

    With NComputing access to desktops and applications is centralized on the server and not on devices. This system streamlines your IT management and support efforts. All changes and additions need not be made on individual desktops, they can be applied in one central, secure and scalable location i.e. on the managed server. This results in business agility and continuity, it also saves costs associated with end user devices.

    • Upgrading Windows:
      Why monitor and make changes on multiple desktops, when they can be done on a single system? N-Computing gives a rich user experience as the PCs can be used as virtual desktops and application access devices. NComputing lessens the overall cost and efforts of upgrading to Windows 7 since, you have to update it only on the central server.

    Solution for different industries:

  • Education:
    The end-to-end virtualization solutions of NComputing are delivered with our thin client devices and powered by vSpace software and Numo System on Chip technology. This system is relied upon by many students and administrative staff of the education industry world over. It is a high performing and an extremely affordable access to the most modern computing system for the education sector.

  • Small/ Mid-sized Business:
    Small / Mid-sized businesses have their unique needs. They need a system that is easy to manage, less complex and can be easily set to work. This is an ideal system for branch offices and small/ mid-sized businesses. NComputing is an unique blend of simple and an affordable desktop virtualization solutions. It is not a complex and a costly system like the VDI deployments.

  • Enterprise:
    The utility of NComputing is not restricted to Small / Mid-sized businesses. It is of great use for big enterprises and corporate too. NComputing is a thin client solution that lessens the cost and the complexity which is very typical while providing an end point device, to users in an enterprise desktop virtualization setup.

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