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CDN Services
Companies today focus on running operations, which are streamlined, smart and efficient. They stress on a strategies to reduce operational costs of their websites and maximise from it.

IKS provides innovate technology to run a streamlined infrastructure to have a wide spread global network. We provide CDN services, which makes sure that your video, games, music, pictures and multimedia applications are distributed quickly, at a high speed over the Internet.

Quick accessibility and quick loading of the website is a factor that search engines consider an important element for ranking a website.

Seamless content delivery is now just a click away.

Why us?

  • We have an industry leading performance.
  • High scalability and reliability.
  • Our CDN services support multiple screens.
  • We protect all your media assets and extensive peering relations.
  • We have competitive pricing.
  • Our CDN Services accelerate website load time and performance.

Content Delivery services:

  • entertainment portals
  • event management companies
  • Online video streaming and more
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