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Instacompute (VPS Services)
We give a cloud based solution, which is simplified for your business. This solution is supported by cutting edge technology which fosters innovative ideas.

InstaCompute is Tata Communications' IaaS solution that provides IT facilities. This helps meeting your changing business needs.

Our Solution:

Our Solutions are based on demand that help to reduce the time required for products / services to reach the end customer. The time gap between the conception of the product/ services to the availability of the products is reduced. This is possible through Insta Service Availability.

Our solution provides:

  • Flexibility to add and remove resources whenever required.
  • Cost effectiveness with long term contract and no fees for termination.
  • Local service and support gives a better customer experience.


  • Variety of IT and networking services.
  • Pay per use service.
  • Local customer support which is available 24x7 x 365.
  • Collaborated SLA for InstaCompute and Internet connectivity.
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