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International Toll Free Number (ITFS)
Communicating with your customers and colleagues becomes vital for your business success. A cost effective, reliable calling facility makes it possible. We provide your business with International Toll Free Numbers to meet your global calling needs. It is a one stop solution for all your conferencing, call centre and business support application needs. It is facilitates call centre business and is one of the most important part of call centre solutions.


  • Worldwide access, with a coverage of more than 105 countries.
  • Competitive rates.
  • High quality call services.
  • Online faulty reporting tool.
  • Flexibility of Automatic Number Identification (ANI), Originating Line Information (OLI) and Calling Line
  • Identification/Calling Number (CLI).
  • Availability via TDM or VoIP.
  • Direct connection from one of our voice PoPs or via public switched termination, allowing you to terminate calls at any location.
  • Switching to Tata Communications with no change to your toll-free numbers.

Universal International Toll Free Number

  • Single toll-free number service for customers seeking a UIFN that spans more than 45 countries.
  • Simplified marketing (only one UIFN number for multiple countries.

International Toll-Free Service with Service Access Codes (SAC)

  • International Toll-Free Service with SAC for customers looking for fast market reach worldwide.
  • SAC can be quickly identified. Traffic is routed from more than 75 countries to your platform, enabling your customers to call toll-free worldwide.
  • Operator assistance that allows the calls to get transferred to your platform.

Connect to the Largest TDM-VoIP Hybrid Network

Our VTS suite carries billions of minutes for mobile, broadband and traditional carriers. Leverage our large supplier base and the world's largest international wholesale TDM-VoIP hybrid network.
With a VoIP solution, we deliver your worldwide calls with higher carrier quality and service standards.

Flexible Interconnect Options

  • TDM
    Connect to our network via one of two TDM interconnections.

  • PoPs
    Connect your PSTN or mobile networks directly to our network via TDM connections into our PoPs.

    Connect your PSTN or mobile networks directly via TDM to our turnkey, managed, on-site SNARC solution.
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