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Data is an essential component of every business. With time, your business requirements change, with the varying needs of the customers. For this you can adapt to a new VPN service, which is quite flexible due to Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). MPLS is a mechanism that channelizes data from one network to another through shorter path labels, instead of long network addresses. This helps avoid complex data processing in a router. Since Tata Communications owns the majority of the cable network that hosts the MPLS network, any modifications can be done quickly and without problems.

MPLS VPN Service Features

Service availability in over 65 countries
  • Service availability in over 65 countries
SLA guarantees
  • Service Delivery, Network Packet Delivery, Site Availability, Network Roundtrip Delay, Network Jitter, Mean Time to Restore (MTTR)
Port speeds up to 155 Mbps Managed and Unmanaged service options
Four Classes of Service (CoS) Multicasting support
Flexible last mile access options
  • HDLC, PPP and Ethernet

Real-time reporting
Site-specific routing protocols
  • Static Routing, eBGP, OSPF, etc.
Multiple VPNs on a single access line

Road Warriors

Tata Communications has introduced GVPN Road Warrior, an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and best-efforts IP-VPN solution. This service helps customers in establishing a secure, low-cost VPN connectivity to their mobile workforce and remote terminals to access intranet applications like SAP/ERP, CRM, etc. You can enjoy the benefits of authorised access to your company's private network i.e. mails, intranet services, and other applications in a secure way.
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