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VSAT Service is a communication system which is satellite based. It is a collaborative system as it supports Internet, video, LAN, voice/ fax communications. It is a very powerful, convenient and a dependable network communication system.

We follow an application centric approach, which ensures that every customer leverages the most from the satellite connectivity, which is supported by a reliable SLA. Our VSAT services support business applications like Virtual Private Network (VPN setup), EFT, ERP, and CITRIX. It also supports Voice over IP and Video conferencing.

VSATs are a unique, single and flexible communication platform. They are easy and quick to install, cost effective and provide connectivity to enterprise as well as government requirements. VSAT is beneficial to all sectors from private to public; from schools, hospital to rural communications, to banks, etc. It pulls down the geographical barriers to business and communication.

What does our VSAT solution offer?

  • Reach:
    No matter how remote the branches of your enterprise are, they can be connected through VSAT. IKS provides your business a wide reach with the help of VSAT, the best technology for your ever changing business needs.

  • Easily deploy-able:
    Our VSATs can be deployed quickly across geographically dispersed branches. This can be done just in a matter of weeks as compared to months and years that the traditional communication infrastructure takes.

  • Cost effective:
    IT solutions solve your business problems, but along with the utility they need to be cost efficient. A centralized bandwidth allocation across wide networks makes the system cost effective.

  • Centralized Network Management with a High Up time:
    We ensure a high network up time of 99.5%. Our network operations team monitors the network proactively 24x7.

  • Continuity:
    Reliable and uninterrupted continuity in network is the key to efficient use of IT resources. Your employees can deliver efficiently only when the network is continuous. We provide seamless back up connectivity options.

  • Flexibility:
    VSAT provides low as well as high bandwidth solutions, thus giving you the flexibility to choose according to your requirements. This takes care of both symmetrical and asymmetrical needs. It is also easily scalable depending on your business operation needs with a complete control.

  • Secure:
    VSAT solutions are independent of all external public networks, thus keeping your IT infrastructure safe.

  • Surveillance:
    IKS provides a system for video surveillance at ATM centers.

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