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Audio Conferencing and Web collaboration
Innovation in communication has facilitated business, and made it quicker, easier and cost effective. Companies have started using Audio and Web collaboration techniques to communicate with clients and team members at different locations. Travelling to the desired location for a meeting is not always feasible, a more economical and efficiency system to reach your team and clients is through the Audio Web Conferencing.

Audio/Web collaboration offers:

  • Anytime:     You need not schedule the conference, you can use the conferencing facility anytime.
  • Anywhere:   It is easy to communicate to all your external and internal contacts globally with the global dial in numbers.
  • Anyhow:       Audio & Web are combined for better productivity.

Audio Web collaboration provides:

  • Global conferencing solution bridges countries like US, India, EMEA, Australia, Singapore.
  • Global connectivity to India gives:
  • ITFS access from 60 countries.
  • International DID access from 12 major countries.
  • Domestic Local Access from 15 cities.

We provide a web interface to:

  • Create web conferencing sessions
  • Self manage the account – create/add/modify/delete any conference, anytime
  • View conference (summary/detailed) reports (at user & company level) for analysis
  • View/Manage a live conference online

Audio Web Conferencing solution features:

  • Post conference report: Conference summary report via e-mail to the moderator after every conference.
  • Bundled Audio & Web session for higher impact.
  • PIN based enhanced security feature for confidential conferences.
  • Integrated Audio & web conferencing with a single console for the user. This allows to manage the entire Audio & Web session.
  • A multi-lingual customer support which is available 24x7x365. All you need to do is Press *0 in the conference call and get immediate online help.
  • Single invoice for Audio conferencing with W eb conferencing services.
  • A 99.9% of bridge uptime assurance with a hot stand-by bridge of equal capacity. This allows to switch over immediately in case of a downtime.
  • Bridge uptime assurance of 99.9% with a hot stand-by bridge of equal capacity to ensure immediate switch-over in case of any downtime.
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