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Board Room Integration
Establishing business relationship becomes vital for your business. As your business achieves greater heights, developing and maintaining your existing relations becomes an imperative. IKS Board Room Integration solutions assist you to do just this.

IKS gives you a technology which is a one-stop solution for all your Boardroom Integration needs. We use innovative technology, to setup state of the art Boardroom and Conference Rooms for presentations, discussions, meetings and training. We have experts who supervise the implementation of the entire setup. They ensure smooth implementation, right from the stage of determining your needs to setting up the technology for you.

Board Room Integration of IKS is the best solution for your every growing communication needs.

We have customized solutions for each boardroom that take into account:

  • Ease of use
  • Camera coverage to ensure visibility of all attendees
  • Hi-quality visibility and audibility of the discussion
  • Minimal ambient noise
  • Future expandability and upgradability
  • Easy to use as it is not necessary that the attendees of the meeting be tech savvy

Benefits of using our Board Room Integration:

  • Executives, Boards of Directors and SMEs use their time in meetings more effectively because their attention is on the meeting agenda in hand and not on the technology.
  • Productivity is increased because workers spend more time working and less time traveling.
  • Business relationships are established and become stronger through continual, face-to-face communications.
  • Sharing of ideas becomes easy across boundaries through content sharing and collaboration in conjunction with a real-life video presence.
  • Limited financial and human resources that are diverted on travel can be channeled into more productive efforts that will add value to the organization.
  • Video communications has become an acceptable, productive means to connect with team members who are not in touch with each other and actually encourages collaboration that is more frequent.
  • Project teams experience quick decision making and reduced time to market with new products.
  • The quality of life for the people of an organizations, who are the most valuable resource, are preserved which results in greater employee retention.
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