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Room Based Video Conferecing
Room based video conferencing accelerate the decision making processes. It fosters teamwork and the entire data that your company generates is collaborated. This results in streamlining of the operations to deliver increased productivity. You can use your existing infrastructure and incorporate this new communication system in your present infrastructure. It is also possible to scale up room video conferencing easily and cost effectively. With this unique connectivity across the varied geographical locations, IKS room based video conferencing is the right choice for your business today and in future.

We offer a large range of enterprise room based video conferencing solutions.

Why us?

  • We use state of the art technology to give you the best and high quality video over IP address for all your business needs.
  • Workers who are travelling, can still stay connect with their head office and their clients through the video conferencing solution
  • Our video conferencing systems are also used for critical procedures such as medical diagnosis and check-ups via telemedicine. Many medical institutions feel that the picture quality is so detailed that it allows them to perform training and diagnosis online using the telemedicine method. Schools and Libraries can take advantage of the E-Rate Program.
  • We use the internet to link the hardware across the web. We have our own high quality video conferencing software. This enables the user to manage and set up single as well as multi-point video calls.
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