Professional Services

We help agencies to define their new business objectives and then create the road map

Information Security Solutions

Information   Security   Solutions

Information, the most valuable asset in every company that connects to performance and ultimately profits- needs impregnable security

Next Generation Firewall

Next generation end point

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IT Networking Solutions

Networking   Solutions

We devise high-performance networking solutions that can operate smoothly in any required size. The connectivity is uninterrupted

Switch | Router | Wireless access point

Structured cabling | Network rack

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Audio, Video & Voice

Audio,   Video   &   Voice

The solutions are devised based on your specific requirements that offer a wisely planned, robust collaboration of voice and video

Contact center / Call center solutions


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Telecom   Solutions

IKS team has the unparalleled expertise in ISP [ Internet service provider] solutions. We are the proud..

Enterprise Telephony- SIP /PRI

Dedicated Internet – Internet Lease Line

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smart cloud

Smart   CLOUD    and   SAAS   Service

Embrace Change as You Reinvent the Way You Connect

Wherever you are on your cloud journey, make it work for your business with efficiency, agility, and innovation. It’s an imperative.

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Why Choose IKS?

I Knowledge Services Private Limited, We are a fast expanding IT service solution provider, offering professional service in the networking and communication domain. Time is the most precious element. Saving this valued resource is a prime concern for the majority of minds.
Speed is the new need and Information plays a vital role in sustaining this rapidly evolving world. However, to stay a step ahead of this competition, you need a partner and a guide to manage, store and utilize information and communicate it in an efficient, effective and more importantly in a speedier way.


Mr. Vijay Dalia

( Director )

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Help agencies to define their new business objectives and then create professional software.

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